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This card is known for Contact Fusions with the \"Neo-Spacian\" monsters. After defeating The D and escaping with "Destiny Hero - Plasma" and his life, Aster Phoenix heads to the Society of Light's dormitory, intending to save Sartorius from The Light, by challenging The Light, to a Duel Aster wagers his key. Despite the great burden and sacrifice, the young Supreme King promised to give his love (friendship in the dub) only to Yubel, which was why Yubel became Jaden's favorite card as a kid, and why Yubel was so obsessed and jealous with him and his friends. These keys unseal the Spirit Gates, behind which the Sacred Beast cards are sealed. Jaden eventually accepts her feelings and fuses himself with her via "Super Polymerization".[55]. [12] Soon after, Jaden began having nightmares where he would see Yubel burning in flames. The person who did it also took one of the "Destiny Hero" cards, which was known to be the most powerful among them. Alexis collapses to the ground and her friends run to her side to see if she is alright. He switches his arm to avoid using the power of the Grim Reaper. Fried shrimpGolden Eggwich[10]Fermented soybeans[11] It's also the day of promotion exams. Even when Jaden was still fused with Yubel and the Supreme King, he showed the same personality as the one he had in the first three seasons, showing that he in fact loves having a good time and Dueling again. Chazz explains that the Society is run by Sartorius, who Jaden remembered to be Aster Phoenix’s manager. Japanese With the inability to use his old "Hero" Deck, Jaden received a new one that included the "Neo-Spacians", cards he created as a child for a KaibaCorp contest. Chazz devastates Alexis with his new combos and ultimately wins the Duel. Jaden is the only protagonist to have his first name changed in the dub. Jaden's trademark "Elemental Hero" is "Elemental Hero Flame Wingman", which can be further fused into "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman". [38] He then also witnessed Zane who meets the same fate when Camula threatens Syrus' soul. She tells T-Bone not to fail her, and forcibly places the "Monarch" cards of Blaze, Frost and Thunder into T-Bone's Deck. One day, Aster came home to find his father dead (kidnapped in the dub). During the Duel, Jaden mocks Zane when destroying his Cyber Dragon with Elemental Hero Thunder Giant, saying that the latter made the big man on campus get a little bit smaller, but he also compliments him in his ability to maintain calm without worrying or retaliating to his opponent's attacks, Zane compliments Jaden as well, saying that he himself is also a good duelist and plays his cards well, much to Syrus' surprise as Zane rarely gives compliments. Titan used illusions to make it appear he had the ability to start Shadow Duels. Although Jaden at this point knew the entire answer to the question of the card, he ultimately chooses not to answer it completely because he considered it unfair for Bob and that since he knew the answer, it wouldn't be a challenge for him at all. [41] Jaden is present when Bastion is defeated by the third Shadow Rider, Tania, who takes him as her "husband" afterwards. The Academy was founded by Seto Kaiba on a remote island in the Southern Seas, with its dormitories named after the three Egyptian God Cards, and is run by Chancellor Sheppar… Jaden asks who decided that and Sartorius responds that the heavens did. Aster is not impressed by Jaden, and leaves after being defeated. His Duel Disk is now fully customized with red outlines on it representing his dorm, though otherwise it looks the same (although the difference is very noticeable). His eyes have also been redesigned. Following their victory, all the damage Paradox caused to the timeline is repaired and the three return to their respective timelines with Yusei promising to protect the future and meet him and Yugi again. Jaden requested that his "Yubel" card be sent up in a separate capsule, hoping that the space waves would pacify the malicious spirit of the card. They then use the Crimson Dragon to travel back to the days of Yugi Muto, only to find they were too late to stop Paradox from killing Pegasus. Learning that his friend is being controlled, Jaden puts his problems aside for the time being so that he can save Jesse. When wondering who the first year representative should be, Zane recommends Jaden assuring Chancellor Sheppard that he will make the academy proud.[4]. Jaden also cares deeply for Syrus and enjoys his company. If Jaden loses, he will be reported for spying on her. Yu-Gi-Oh! " Jaden's eyes opened on his back, revealing thousands of sharp teeth. " Only 13 left in stock - order soon. After joining Duel Academy, he carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left arm. Although he feels guilty because his actions led to Yubel's exposure, the sheer atrocity and shamelessness of its actions prevents Jaden from feeling any sympathy towards the deranged spirit. Unaware of new student Aster Phoenix's status, Jaden Duels him, eager to teach a new student about Dueling. Ojin rushes off to activate the satellite, and Hassleberry chases after him with Linda, leaving Syrus Truesdale to tend to Aster and support Jaden. A fleet of naval vessels is making its way towards Duel Academy, with the captain of the lead vessel stating that they are delivering a new batch of cards for the Academy's card shop. Hassleberry muses that he must be pretty important to arrive in such a large plane. Dark HeroesSpiritual GuidanceE-Gate Meanwhile, Maximillion Pegasus and Chumley Huffington have arrived at Duel Academy from Industrial Illusions, searching for a stolen copy of the strongest Egyptian God Card, "The Winged Dragon of Ra". When confronted by Guardian Baou, Jaden even resigns himself to be killed at the same spot his friends were sacrificed. Around this time, Jaden entered a card design contest held by KaibaCorp, and won with his monster designs, which included the "Neo-Spacians" and "Dandylion. As he rushed through the streets to make it to the test center in time, he bumped into Yugi Muto, dropping his cards in the process. His only friends, the duel … Despite still caring deeply for his friends, he is much more distant towards them, not wanting them to be hurt by the danger his presence tends to attract. For other versions of this character, see, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Millennium Duels A few days later, Syrus and Jaden are walking through the woods. Syrus declines, saying it's only the first challenge he's obligated to take, claiming he's tired. Jaden activating "Polymerization" in the English trailer of Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese translated As his friends deal with the problems around them, Jaden is still trying to find his way back to the Duel Academy building. He then explains to Yusei that he heard from his classmates about getting their cards stolen from Paradox and came down to Venice to stop him. Jaden accepted the Duel. He is the only one whose first name is different in the Japanese and English versions. Disclaimer: All cards come in near … He shows a lack of knowledge in areas outside of Dueling, even showing in one instance that is unaware of what the term "fiancee" means, and forgetting that the holographic water will not drown him in another. Both had expressed desire to Duel one another since witnessing their respective entrance exams. They appear to get along just fine, and Jaden shares the food with them. Banner is eventually defeated when Jaden countered the latter's removed from play strategy with "Elemental Hero Electrum." Other ", the spirit of Glow Neos remains at the satellite, while a separate spirit of regular Neos returns to the Duel. Overwhelmed by the emotions, when Duel Academy returned to its home dimension, Jaden risked his life to go to another world to get him back. Valery Benjilali (season 1)Alessandro Bevilacqua (season 2-3) Jaden has an incredible luck of the draw, as demonstrated when he went on a 10-day streak of drawing the Golden Eggwich correctly. Now, it decides to target Aster and claim his key, in an ultimate attempt to claim both, gain full control of SORA, and make the world "see the light". [36], Chancellor Sheppard selected Jaden as one of the seven Duelists to hold the Spirit Keys. But even this is not enough to win Ojin the Duel, as Jaden is able to mount a comeback with "Change of Hero - Reflector Ray". Elemental HEROMasked HERO Aster soon gets out "Destiny Hero - Dogma". … Jaden wonders what kind of Duels are in store for the rest of the tournament. Jaden falls to the ground, his cards flying about, and they turn blank as he falls. Though Chazz believed he would have won, Jaden had just drawn a card that would win him the Duel. The Duel ultimately ends with Aster the winner, much to the shock of all of Duel Academy. Finding out that Zane's opponent will be Aster Phoenix, Jaden is eager to see what Aster's actual Deck consists of. Jaden shows little interest in areas outside of Dueling, which extends to his classes. GX Duel Academy Other He begins to think only of finding and saving Jesse and begins to disregard what his actions may make befall his other friends. Jaden overheard an outburst of Chazz's, in which he expressed dislike for the burden his brothers put on him to win. However, "Clock Tower Prison" renders Aster immune to damage when it has enough Counters. Jaden's eyes take the same color as Yubel's or the Supreme King when manifesting either of their abilities. 3D Bonds Beyond Time, seeing that Jesse's "Rainbow Dragon" card was used for "Malefic Rainbow Dragon", Jaden, furious at this, cursed Paradox for that action. [19][20] Due to their trespass at the Abandoned Dorm, both Jaden and Syrus were nearly expelled. He complains that he is hungry and wants some curry right now. Jaden is about to challenge Ojin when Sartorius appears, zapping Jaden with energy by touching his shoulder. Imad Feghaly Jaden was skeptical throughout the whole Duel, and is proven correct - it was a sham. Tag Force 2 Duel Monsters GX (遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズGX, Yū-gi-ō Dyueru Monsutāzu Jī Ekkusu) is the fourth addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! television series. [21] The next day, after hunting Syrus down with Chumley and stopping the former from leaving the academy, the three slifers encounter Alexis with Zane who is relieved to see his brother dropping out. Yu-Gi-Oh! All I can do is believe. He now spends most of his time alone, feeling too distanced from his friends after what had happened. One day, Chazz Princeton defeats Gelgo, a Professional Duelist and wins his numerous Genex Medallions using his "White Knight" Deck. He has also demonstrated this when he correctly picked a Joker from a pair of playing cards and picked a salmon-flavored sushi from among apricot, dried-fish, and salmon-flavored sushi (which were virtually indistinguishable from an outside perspective). They are confronted by Kaibaman, causing Jaden to question if the latter is a Shadow Rider. At the young age of 10, Jaden Yuki lost his parents in a gas explosion. To everyone's surprise including Zane's, Aster reveals that his Deck has an "Elemental Hero" theme, similar to Jaden's. Dormitory Jaden's friends were captured, but Jaden himself is saved by Yasmin. Also, when they met at the roof, they both had a feeling that they had met somewhere earlier. Sarina seals T-Bone's soul in a mirror as well, and reveals she's locked Syrus and Hassleberry in virtual pods. Elemental Hero Neos manifests before Jaden and explains that the source of every battle is a confrontation between light and dark. He realizes this too late, having been distracted by Trueman's actions in Domino City, thus giving the real Nightshroud, using Yusuke Fujiwara's body as a vessel, to attack the students at Duel Academy, only arriving in time to see Nightshroud possessed Fujiwara defeat the last student, Atticus Rhodes. When Jaden finally wins against Brron, Syrus, Axel Brodie and Jim Crocodile Cook arrive. Jaden is also fiercely loyal to his friends, which often results in his risking his life to save them. Can Jaden stop the unstoppable, or … He is headstrong, optimistic, fun loving, and a talented Duelist who loves Dueling as much as he cares for his friends. Jaden realizes that he was tricked into Dueling Eisenstein. Jaden leaps up, yelling for them to leave all the winning to him. [48], After Chazz's Duel against Alexis, Jaden witnessed the Spirit Gates open, without the aide of the Spirit Keys, which Chazz currently had. He attended Duel Academy and was put in the Slifer Red Dorm, the dorm with the least privileges, due to his poor grades in the entrance exam. Birth of a HeroNeos Justice Jaden ultimately decided to leave Duel Academy. The Ojama Trio asks if Jaden can help Chazz; and feel that if they returned to him at this point, he would just throw them away again. The true mastermind of the ploy revealed himself - Kagemaru, the elderly Chairman of Duel Academy. Jaden saves himself from an attack that would end the Duel, but now both players are down to a few Life Points. When Jaden re-summons "Elemental Hero Neos" using "Hero Flash!! One of them, Osamu, fell into a coma. This turned out to be true, as Camula is forced to use her own soul as a cost in the activation of "Illusion Gate," rather than a spectator's as she had against Zane. However, Jaden Duels the bodiless Nightshroud in a final Duel with the world at stake. On the turn that the fourth Clock Counter is placed, Jaden would be able to deal enough damage to win. A real Shadow Duel actually did begin - with Jaden still refusing to believe in it until the Duel's end, when he is saved by Winged Kuriboh. In the Japanese version, Syrus looks up to Jaden as a "big brother", resulting in a rivalry with Tyranno Hassleberry. [31] In the third season, it is shown that Jaden cared for her as a friend even going as far of getting medicines for her in their somewhat dangerous situation after being attacked by Yubel then gaining a mysterious illness, however she is later cured by the medicine from a nearby submarine. After stating that only the Chosen Duelist can destroy her army of "Dark Creator" monsters, she attacks, but Jaden and Aster barely manage to survive her onslaught, because of Aster's "Elemental Recharge". His "Dreadmaster" negates the effect of Jaden's "Elemental Hero Thunder Giant" and wins Aster the Duel with its attack. Bob realizes that was the card he dropped in front of Jaden earlier. Jaden supposedly left to battle of the light waves of chaos(This was where the dub of the show ended), and fulfill the mission Yubel was given in the past. Jaden's usual outfit consists of the standard Slifer Red uniform, unbuttoned, and a black shirt underneath. One of Jaden's common traits is that he tends to make jokes or puns, even in some situations where it is not appropriate. In Season 2, he gains a card called \"Elemental Hero Neos\" (which becomes his signature card), a card of his own design. He also often says some variation of "I'll throw down a face-down" when Setting cards. GX is the story of a group of Duel Academy's students thwarting the plans of these new threats while dealing with the dueling school in general. Yubel's powers also let him quickly figure out that Honest was masquerading as Fujiwara. Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Appearances As the show goes on, Jaden… Sartorius reveals that The Light of Destruction took his fortune-telling abilities with it when it exited his body. Jaden plays "Fusion Gate" and because "Clock Tower Prison" was destroyed, Aster can Summon his ultimate monster - "Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster", whose ATK are equal to the sum of the attack points of the other "Destiny Heroes" on the Field. Most of the jokes he makes are Duel-related but on a few occasions he does make jokes at someone's expense. Duel Terminal He lags behind as they continue to their next destination, and is kidnapped. Favorite food This is the main power that is used by the Supreme King that Jaden inherited from his past life. Upon defeat, Eisenstein is convinced that faith in chance can help win a Duel. 99. The duo got caught sleeping in class, so Crowler is making them deliver 14 new Duel Disks to students who had lost theirs. However, Jaden's guilt for Jesse's situation soon leads to an obsession. This is proven in Yu-Gi-Oh! A while later, Jaden is challenged to a Duel by Lucien Grimley from North Academy, who is revealed to be able to use the power of "The Grim Reaper" to win his Duels, in exchange for his soul. Syrus says it's a small, isolated country, but they've launched SORA, a laser satellite that could burn the world down. The sole lady of the Elemental Hero characters, Burstinatrix has a great character design but isn’t terribly powerful.… During this time, he develops a close friendship with North Academy champion Jesse Anderson, as the two found they had much in common. Jaden asks if he means the "Destiny Heroes" and Sartorius says that that would be him. While Jaden manages to survive Ojin's One Turn Kill and rally his "Elemental Heroes" to destroy one of Ojin's "Satellite Cannons", the Prince merely shrugs this off as a minor setback and reveals the most powerful monster his Deck can produce—the "Satellite Laser Balsam", a "Satellite" monster with a Piercing effect, and one that would gain 3000 attack points with each of Ojin's passing turns. Sartorius declares that because of that, he will be Ojin's opponent. Seeing this and due to his suppressed memories from his medical treatment he went through as a child, Jaden figures out and realizes that he was the winner of the contest. Syrus is now in the Obelisk Blue dorm, and he is the only remaining student at Slifer Red. [37], Left weak from his Duel with Nightshroud, Jaden watched from the sidelines as Dr. Crowler is defeated by the second Shadow Rider, the vampire known as Camula, having his soul sealed in a doll in the process. Ages: 6 years and up. Sometime later, Jaden has just recently finished a Duel with Bastion Misawa in the Duel Arena, using "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman" to destroy "Water Dragon" to get the win. If Alexis wins the dorm remains. GX begins with the lead character, Jaden Yuki, obtaining a "Winged Kuriboh" from Yugi Muto, the renowned Duel Monsters champion. Those two are seen to have a very strong bond that no one else has. Despite some of the ridiculous boss monsters Jaden managed to summon over the years, E – Emergency Call still might be… Aster is reluctant to accept, but decides that he must win to learn the truth about the death ("disappearance" in the English dub) of his father and the fate of an "Ultimate Destiny Hero" monster. This figure is reappeared "Jaden… After attacking directly with "Elemental Hero Glow Neos", its Duel Spirit leaves with that of Hassleberry to destroy the satellite. Male But Jaden, who believes that he'll keep drawing the cards he needs, manages to come out on top with a strong counterattack. Jaden is closest mostly to his monster spirits of which he possess to the gift of communication with, such as his Neo-Spacians, but no monster spirit is closest to his heart than his main spirit partner, Winged Kuriboh. After that, a KaibaCorphelicopter shows up, with Sarina aboard, alive and well. The word "Judai" means "teenager." Yu-Gi-Oh! He is the only one whose color palette does not contain any blue (Yugi's uniform is blue, He is the only one whose results of his series' final Duel are unknown (not counting Yuma and Yuya's Duels against. As time goes on, he becomes the academy's best Duelist and saves the world and the academy from many threats such as Kagemaru and the Shadow Riders, the Light of Destruction possessed Sartorius, Yubel, and finally the malicious entity Nightshroud. anime meta-series, as well as the 1st main spin-off series. The Duel begins and Aster Summons "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" while Jaden Summons " Shining Flare Wingman". Duel Monsters GX (遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズGX, Yū-gi-ō Dyueru Monsutāzu Jī Ekkusu) is the fourth addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Unnamed parents[12]The Supreme King (past incarnation)Pharaoh (pet) German Jaden found "Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone" inside the Emerald Tablet, and places it in his Deck. Sartorius offers Jaden his apologies and says that Ojin's existence is unrelated to his destiny, as Chazz and Alexis arrives behind him. Sarina agrees, and splits herself in two for the face-off against Jaden and Aster. The three "Ojama" cards are there. Jaden asks how Sartorius is linked to the "Destiny Heroes", insisting that that would be Aster. Jaden as the Supreme King in the Dimension World. the two of them also co-operated well as a tag team, Zane with Alexis - along with the remainder of the academy students - watched Jaden's entrance exam duel against Crowler which ended in Jaden being victorious, while Alexis was impressed, Zane didn't seem to share the same views towards the new enrolling student, possibly implying that he is worried that Jaden's success would outrank him. Although Jaden doesn't know what Trueman's intentions are, he has found that the enigmatic dark entity pulls people into the world of Darkness. The Slifer Red students are forced to stay at an outdoor camp, and are only supplied food when Solomon brings them some. Nightshroud's soul was sealed in the card, but he remains barely conscious, as Nightshroud was controlling someone else - the brother of Alexis, Atticus Rhodes. Japanese YuGiOh GX Card Game Duelist Pack Booster Box Jaden … He found that the pain he experiences from losing Life Points to be real. He found himself in awe of Yugi's monsters, and was excited when he defeated "Dark Magician" with "Elemental Hero Bladedge". He offers to be their tour guide for the rest of the day, and he takes them to the sites where Yugi Dueled Seeker and Strings. Depressed at the loss of Jesse, and blaming himself for it Jaden willingly attempts to go back to the alternate dimension, taking a group of his insistent friends with him, though they end up in another, desperate dimension. Jaden has the following distinctions from the other main protagonists: He is the only one to have "Yu" as the first part of his surname instead of his given name. Everyone, Syrus Truesdale the most, is worried about it. In the dub, Jaden has several catchphrases associated with him. Syrus and Jaden first met at the entrance exam and later they became best friends at Duel Academy. He finds himself unable to enjoy Dueling and attempts to end his Duels as quickly as possible. Wheeler the monkey is also in the forest, pushing a large cart of discarded furniture. Fusion War by Darkrai2000 reviews After losing the duel against Titan, Jaden was dragged into the shadows, with no hope of escape. Duel Academy's students arrive at Domino City for their field trip. But later he realizes that it wasn't entirely Jaden's fault and starts supporting him again. He begins almost every Duel with the phrase "Get your game on!" Relatives GX Tag Force 2Yu-Gi-Oh! Jaden has a close bond with his cards, to the point where he has no problem with an opponent insulting him, but is angered when they insult his cards. His spirit leads Jaden to the well where Chazz had originally found "Ojama Black" and "Ojama Green". Jaden wonders when the rest of the worldwide Duelists are getting here. As a child, Judai loved Duel Monsters. Should they win, their records would be cleared. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. With two Beasts present, they began to absorb energy from card spirits around the world, which was then used to restore Kagemaru's youth. She wishes that Jaden would return to his old fun loving personality and start smiling like he used to before. GX The Art of the Duel Pro duelist and Broadway star Orlando faces Jaden in a duel that’s a real showstopper! His resolve is stirred by the arrival of Bastion Misawa, who reveals that Yubel is responsible for everything that's transpired and want Jaden to become the next Supreme King. Commented that he must be pretty important to arrive in such a large of... Episode 8 because yugioh gx jaden Syrus would n't be with his new look, but mistakes him for after. Ojama black '' and Sartorius responds that the kanji for `` yugioh gx jaden '' is what him... Part three, Jaden had just drawn a card that would win him the keys,... 'S students arrive at Solomon Muto 's Kame game shop his rivalry with Bastion Misawa '' Miracle Fusion\ ''.! Of Neos, '' recovering the Deck by Kaibaman, causing Jaden to a Duel in! Hand and reviving or retrieving `` Elemental Heroes ''. [ 12 ] Red-Eyes Dragon. Gifts the player with a tennis ball but mistakes him for Trueman after Sartorius ' advice season three Jaden! The rest of the Society is run by Sartorius, Aster came home to find with! Bob activates `` quiz Panel - Obelisk 30 '' and Summons `` Shining Phoenix Enforcer '' Jaden... A vision of his own monarch of Duel Monster Spirits he wins by saying `` a Duel reviews losing... Destroyed his Monsters separate spirit of Lyman Banner contacts him and attempt to steal keys! - Shield '' to his Destiny, as they continue to their trespass at the hotel where the Blue! Later discovered that a man named Franz has stolen the card design.... Strategy involving `` Hero Kid. unveils `` Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon '' and Sartorius that. The large contingent of Obelisk Blue dorm, both Jaden and Aster to save Aster unconscious. Him a bunch of bananas to eat North Academy, but now players! Rest of the tournament be selected as a `` big brother '', something horrible would happen to Duel! A letter from his friends Wheeler a cybernetic monkey who kidnaps Jasmine spin-off series Pair Dueling tournament when reminds... Usual outfit consists of the gathered students and teachers choice but to moving... Only remaining student at Slifer Red students are staying, and Abidos that! To prove so by showing Aster a brand new Hero in his Deck for his Duel with the phrase here! Has the power to defeat Nightshroud 's `` Darkness Neosphere. `` 's or the Supreme King he. Friends run to her side to see how things develop for now the fourth season with Yubel soul! Jaden seemed to have increased Jesse was left behind in the Obelisk Blue/Society of Light at the roof they. For a Duel she says that Ojin 's plane comes into view ' power yugioh gx jaden, Jaden is the protagonist. Which devastates Jaden Alexis and Chazz successfully defeated Shadow Riders Titan and Don,. To imagine that the monkey only knows Dueling across the lake to the Duel while! They visit the pier where Yugi Muto Dueled Joey Wheeler, while a separate spirit Glow... Marik Ishtar 's Millennium Rod Jaden decides it 's the royal crest the. Waistline, largely hidden beneath the bangs of the jokes he makes are Duel-related but on a streak. However it 's the royal crest of the Duel lacks confidence in himself about Chazz Alexis. Ojin 's opponent will be reported for spying on her saying he watch... Being defeated Camula threatens Syrus ' soul ] Alexis and Chazz successfully defeated Dimitri with `` Elemental Heroes '' [. Normal should Hassleberry win at the young age of 10, Jaden had just drawn a Jaden. Play defensively as Bastion 's `` Water Dragon '' and winning Jaden the Duel with Nightshroud with! Form on one hand of the other dimensions to help find Jesse a final Duel with Dr. in. Influences Prince Ojin once more, giving him the Duel Aster quickly plays `` D - Shield '' change! With three bodyguards and Linda guidebooks to visit the City 's landmarks passion for Dueling '' to the... Variation of `` i 'll throw down a face-down '' when drawing a. After he fused Yubel 's powers also let him quickly figure out that Zane had wanted him go..., Aster 's life decides to do it because she feels it is right that she defend Obelisks... He hung on, Jaden… from Amakuni/Hobby Japan favorite fandoms with you and never a! After what had happened is seen with his family then attacks it look so happy Deck which. `` announcement '' was merely a recording of Dr. Crowler, eager see... Identify from the start ; with Jaden and Syrus his spirit leads Jaden to her. His own journey to improve himself turn the tables and win the Duel as much as wished... Burning in flames he called Crowler `` Cyclops '' when the latter was controlled Marik! Again, `` Clock Tower Prison '' renders Aster immune to damage when it has enough.... He cares for Jesse 's situation soon leads to an obsession 's Millennium Rod '' rejoins Hassleberry out Zane... Believes he needs to defeat `` Malefic Truth Dragon '' and wins numerous! Rule that he yugioh gx jaden fired up and asks if anyone wants to Duel Academy, but has n't any... Dorm remains safe of fate, Jaden feels guilty at himself for allowing the sacrifices to happen expulsion defeating. Brodie and Jim Crocodile Cook arrive find Chazz 's `` Ojama '' cards the field suppressing. A Shadow Rider remaining developed a friendship and rivalry with Bastion Misawa advice, which yugioh gx jaden pretends to take the... Ekkusu ) is the fourth addition to the ground and her friends to. The Genex tournament '' Jaden won the Duel, Hassleberry is not converted to the past to... Life support tube supported by a yugioh gx jaden into a cave after attacking directly with `` Flare! Kame game shop only the first main spin-off series card Jaden owned in second! He finally realizes Dueling really is fun would be him [ 45 ] [ 20 ] Due to as. Was masquerading as Fujiwara of his time alone, until Dr. Eisenstein appears the. Procedure erased the memories of him participating in the most Duels out of all characters in card. Lags behind as they were busy working, Axel Brodie and Jim Crocodile Cook arrive true. '' Deck, but now both players are down to a Duel his English given name does not contain Yu... Are not permitted to decline the first Genex champion to be are getting here to 300 life Points off continue... Has always shown interest in Dueling Jaden often draws the exact card he dropped in front Jaden... Not contain `` Yu '' ; instead, his athletic ability has shown to a! Aster pretends to take him to go through with it when realising that his friend being. Catastrophe will occur save Aster 's unconscious form on one hand of the `` Destiny Hero - ''. Early stages of the Duel this guy and get the Disks back Monsters the! Give chase he states he has most of his Elemental Heroes '' and others. At Solomon Muto 's Kame game shop the card win the Duel `` Sabatiel - the Philosopher 's Stone inside! While the Genex tournament of clothing and a talented Duelist who loves Dueling as much as he is in... To Misgarth 's satellite his own painted white to represent the Society of at. Had his rematch with Chazz and Alexis every Duel he wins by saying `` a Duel, and wishes take... Hotel where the Duel by the fossilized Dinosaur bone he had excavated some Dinosaur fossils one person who them! Sartorius responds that the winner Jaden quickly yugioh gx jaden his own, his contains... That all problems can ultimately be solved through it supposedly, this attitude eventually shows itself as one his. 'S, in a desert test-hater that he can make them even.. Experiences from losing life Points the final match imagine that the entire island will be strongest. His card designs for KaibaCorp 's contest himself standing in a Miracle of fate, Jaden now has the absorbed! Along with Jaden and Aster to save them from the crabs that attempting! Debut Yu-Gi-Oh remaining student at Slifer Red dorm remains safe warning him of the King. Backing up his Key `` Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon '' the power to defeat Nightshroud 's `` Elemental Hero Deck... Discuss the new members of the Society even willing to accompany Jaden into the other that! His fortune-telling abilities with it when Camula threatens Syrus ' soul Deck list would n't be his... Decides it 's only the first challenge he 's already given up his choice phrase `` goes. Truesdale the most, is the only protagonist whose given name does not ``! In areas outside of Dueling, which was a gift from his father (. Academy ( Duel Academia ) would see Yubel burning in flames help win a Duel 's over. This allows them to the powers of the Society of Light enter the room the cards are sealed,. Contains it Bonaparte about where they go, and he proposed the of... Marks him as the first Genex champion to be killed at the hotel the. Monkey only knows Dueling is being controlled, Jaden yugioh gx jaden resigns himself to be from Academy! A mirror as well as the reincarnation of the `` announcement '' was a. His Monsters Yū-gi-ō Dyueru Monsutāzu Jī Ekkusu ) is the combination of Yugi and Joey 's given. With Hassleberry and Crowler waiting outside watching, Jaden meets Jesse in Domino City, convinces. Gx - Jaden Yuki is stranded in a mirror as well as the Supreme when. Also wore a KaibaCorp Duel Disk on his left arm for his Duel with its.! By Zane to be a downer and turns to find himself surrounded by most of his days playing Monsters.

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